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Development Program

Quality Managers Development Program

TJO Konsultatsioonid has been educating quality managers and quality specialists for almost two decades now. Over 150 quality managers from several organisations have participated in the Quality Manager Development Program in previous years. Knowledge, skills and experience gained has helped participants to be more successful in fulfilling their role.

Quality Manager Development Program is a set of 6 thematic trainings to help to develop quality managers’ skills and gather experiences necessary to improve both effectiveness and efficiency of the organization and its management system.

Quality Manager Development Program is directly aimed on improving the performance management system. Every training analyses management system improvement potential from the different perspective.
There is about 3 weeks, between every training, to allow participants to implement gathered ideas in practice.

The program consists of the following trainings:

When applying proper tools, cost and waste can be reduced. We also show how you can easily integrate ISO 9001 and lean principles.

Various indcators (KPI) are used for corporate development, starting from process KPI and ending with strategic indicators. Training will introduce how to develop the system of indicators, which will help to achieve objectives and provides proper base for monitoring and management.

There are many areas that are not described in standards. However, many of those areas can and should be integrated into management system of an organisation. Training is analysing how to integrate marketing, customer relationships management, bookkeeping, financial planning and other relevant areas into management system as whole.

The training provides practical overview how to implement TQM principles and self-assessment in your activities to achieve better results.

Risk management is relevant for every organization. In a modern and successful organization there has to be a system that helps to manage risks. Training will explain how to develop risks management system.

Every day we are facing various problems. We spend significant time to solve these problems. Training will teach how to handle problems in most effective and efficient way and how to learn from problems and develop system, which helps to reduces problems in the future.

Additional information

Public training courses are organised 1-2 times per calendar year and are in Estonian language only. Specific information in Estonian about the Quality Manager Development Program can be found on our Estonian web-site:

If you are interested to order the development program (or some seminars) as an in-house training course, we are happy to carry it out also in English. Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for more information.


Jussi Onoper

Chairman of the board of OÜ TJO Konsultatsioonid, managment consultant and trainer with over 20 years of experience. ILM/SFEDI Accredited Business Support Professional. Jussi has advised over 100 different organisations in the fields of management systems, strategy and raising efficiency (lean projects, lean daily management lean 6 sigma projects etc).

Why partner up with TJO Konsultatsioonid?

  • over 20 years of practical experience in consulting and training;
  • our consultants have extensive practical experience in production, quality and management;
  • wide range of services in area of LEAN/efficiency, management systems and strategy development;
  • unique possibilities to develop your personnel – public training courses, development programs and in-house trainings;
  • we work in English, Estonian and Russian languages.

Schedule of upcoming training programs:

Got questions? Interested in this training at another time and place? Contact us!

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