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Data protection policy

The mission of TJO Konsultatsioonid is to help organizations increase their performance. We provide organizations with a range of counseling and training services. During the course of our work, we deal with the personal data of our clients.

We respect people’s privacy. In this regard, we have written down the privacy principles concerning the collection, use, disclosure, transmission and storage of personal data. We do this in accordance with the requirements of the relevant legislation.

What personal data do we collect and on what basis

Data to be collected for project implementation

When conducting various counseling and training projects, we collect for the provision of the service, as a rule, data related to conclusion of the service and, where appropriate, the data necessary for the provision and/or verification of the service (for example, the names of the participants of training courses and meetings, the contact details of the participants to provide them with materials or other relevant information).

Data collected during training

As a rule, we collect the following information for informing the participants of training courses and for issuing certificates:

  • Name of the participant in the training
  • Participant’s personal identification code
  • Contact details (phone, e-mail, postal address)

We have provided an economic activity report on conducting in-service training, so we are required to comply with the Adult Education Act. Consequently, our certificates correspond to the standard for in-service training and include the person’s name and personal identification code.

Subscriptions for newsletters

We offer our customers the opportunity to join the TJO Newsletter. We will send newsletters for subscribers. Based on legitimate interest, we can use the contact details of the existing customers to submit offers for similar services and sending newsletters. However, if a customer or a subscriber still no longer wish to receive emails, it’s possible to opt out of them at any time. To opt out of e-mails, please send a relevant request in response to the e-mail sent to you or write about it to uudiskiri ät

Website cookies

We use cookies on our website to optimize the movement in the website and to improve user experience and to analyze activities related to the website. Based on the information we collect by them, we can provide a better user experience for our visitors and consistently develop the website.
A cookie is a small-scale data file kept on the website visitor’s computer/device. It is used to save user’s website preferences (e.g., the language of the website) and the data entered in the forms (for example, topics of interest added to the wishlist and the filled in personal information) and provide the TJO with information about the use of the website. Only the website that saved the cookie can read the data file. No one else can access this information. The data file is harmless, does not contain a virus or program code, and cannot be associated with a website visitor or its IP address.
We use the cookies that are required for the functioning of the website, which provide user-friendliness, as well as the cookies measuring webpage performance (e.g., Google Analytics). It provides statistical information for further developing the website and does not allow any users to be identified. We also use cookies that are necessary for advertising purposes (e.g., AdWords), which helps to provide information to the people interested in it. The principles of using external service providers’ cookies can be found on their homepages.
Everyone always has the option to check cookies through their web browser settings. If you prefer to opt out of the cookies, you should set up your browser to refuse all cookies or send a warning when issuing a cookie. Web hosting experience may be worse if cookies are waived.

Server logs

The server that hosts our site can store the queries you make to the server (the web address you want to open, the web browser and device you use, the IP address, access time, etc.). These data are used only for technical purposes – to ensure the proper functioning and security of the website and to investigate cases where there may be a security risk.

How long will the personal data be stored?

We keep personal information collected during the provision of different services until different legal disputes may arise, or until required by the legal provisions (for example, information on issued certificates). The data of certificates issued by us are kept until the deadline recommended by the Ministry of Education and Research, i.e., until the in-service training institution operates. On this basis, a participant in the training can subsequently receive a confirmation/certification of participation in the training.

How do we keep the personal data?

Documents containing personal data may arrive on paper or electronically. Long-term data storage takes place electronically. Our employees use computers accessible only by personal passwords for work and e-mail addresses on a secured server for work communication. client management software and secured server-stored files that may contain personal information are also protected by a personal password. We use encrypted channels to transfer personal information.
Employees with an employment contract have a confidentiality obligation set out in the contract and, therefore, the obligation to keep the customer’s data confidential.

With whom can we share personal data

TJO Konsultatsioonid OÜ can cooperate with various third parties, and our authorized data processors may be different partners (e.g., marketing services, including e-mail transmission services, homepage hosting services, and other relevant services providers). The processing of personal data takes place to the extent necessary for the provision of the service and in keeping with the principle of the minimum.
According to the law, we have a duty to transfer personal data to several national institutions (for example, the Ministry of Education and Research, the Tax and Customs Board).
If the participant in the training and the payer of the invoice are different, we can forward the information to the payer about the participant in the training. For example, this is necessary for training courses commissioned by the Unemployment Insurance Fund.
We share personal data (name, personal identification code, email address, phone number) with our employees as it is necessary for the training. We may also use personal data to provide courier or postal services to our customers.

Rights related to your personal data

  • to obtain information on which personal data has been collected and processed;
  • to improve or supplement your personal data;
  • to delete your personal information (if it is not in conflict with the law);
  • to withdraw consent to use your personal data (for example, for marketing purposes);
  • to file a complaint if your rights have been violated.

Data protection issues

For any data protection issues, you can contact us at the following address:

TJO Konsultatsioonid OÜ
Väike-Paala 1, 11415 Tallinn
Reg. no: 10375741
E-mail: info ät
Phone: 510 6361