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Outsourcing quality manager service

For a small or medium-sized enterprise it might not be feasible to establish a separate job for quality managerspecialist. Involvement of consultant gives fresh insight and helps to save both valuable time and also financial resources.

We offer the opportunity to use our consultants expert knowledge and skills on a regular basis. Aim of the quality manager service is to help our clients solving different tasks related to devleoping on maintenance of the management system.

Our team members have extensive experience with helping organisations to develop and implement standardized and non-standardized management systems. We help to develop processes, implement changes, carry out analysis, development meetings, audits and training for staff.

We work in English, Estonian and Russian. Please contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation!

Content of service

We are prepared to advise and perform different tasks of management system´s development process. Some possible examples are:

  • partcipation as moderator, observer and/or make protocols in various meetings and discussions (including management reviews, strategic reviews, discussions on the results of audit, evaluations of environmental aspects etc.);
  • upgrading and modernization of management system documentation;
  • conducting trainings for management and employees, associated with development of managemet system;
  • carrying out new specific project (including CE-marking, bringing manufacturing into accordance with different requirements etc.);
  • upgrading certificated management systems in accordance with requirements of new standars´s versions etc;


  • over 20 years of practical experience in consulting and training;
  • our consultants have extensive practical experience in production, quality and management;
  • wide range of services in area of LEAN/efficiency, management systems and strategy development;
  • unique possibilities to develop your personnel – public training courses, development programs and in-house trainings;
  • we work in English, Estonian and Russian languages.

Time, place and price

Detailed program, time and place are subject to additonal agreement.

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