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Production efficiency analysis

To maintain competitive advantage, an organisation must find ways to improve regularly. One way is to raise efficiency. There are 2 (4) options for this:

  • to ahieve more results with same resources;
  • to achieve significant results by investing slightly;
  • to achieve same results with fewer resources;
  • to achieve slightly less by reducing costs significantly.

Aim of the efficiency analysis is to get an overview of the current level of an organization and evaluate improvement potential.

Final objective is to make summary of current situation and propose action plan to increase efficiency in the future.

Our experience

Our team has extensive experience with helping organisations to raise efficiency, cut costs and shorten lead time. We help with analysing and identifying bottlenecks in production or service flow, prepare and train your team to use different methods and techniques (including LEAN tools) to solve problems and achieve goals.

We work in English, Estonian and Russian. Please contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation!


  • over 20 years of practical experience in consulting and training;
  • our consultants have extensive practical experience in production, quality and management;
  • wide range of services in area of LEAN/efficiency, management systems and strategy development;
  • unique possibilities to develop your personnel – public training courses, development programs and in-house trainings;
  • we work in English, Estonian and Russian languages.

Time, place and price

Detailed program, time and place are subject to additonal agreement.

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